Dyson Airwrap: Test And Review Of The 3-in-1 Styling Device

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The Dyson Airwrap is a styling tool that we’ve been hearing a lot about for the past couple of years. It is presented as a revolution for the world of hairdressing since it is the only hair device to dry, curl, straighten and give volume, all in one product.

This technology has a cost, since its price is still high. This is due to the many years of design and research for this device, which today is a real bestseller for the brand. We are therefore going to give you our opinion and answer your potential questions about it. 

Our Opinion On The Dyson Airwrap

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long

Dyson Airwrap Complete Long

Designed for all styles and for long hair. The Complete Long box contains 6 attachments including longer rollers to adapt to long hair. Dry smooth wavy curl. Without extreme heat. Hair and style at the same time

The Dyson Airwrap is something of a luxury styling device. It has an innovative technology called Coanda, signed Dyson. It promises maximum protection for your hair fiber thanks to its intelligent heat control.


When we unpack the box of the device, we find a leather box containing the blowing handle, the 7 interchangeable heads for the different functionalities of the device. Among them, a hard and a soft, a round brush, two Airwrap rollers (one 30 mm and the other 40 mm) as well as thedrying nozzle

As for its blowing handle, it is vertical and has three buttons. The one on the left allows you to adjust the intensity between three different levels. The button on the right has the function of regulating the temperature between 28 and 120°C and the one in the center is simply the on/off button.


The first version of the Dyson airwrap had only one color, the famous pink and gray. It now offers 3 others, Prussian blue and copper, gray and copper in 2 versions. 


In terms of grip, the vertical designof the Dyson Airwrap guarantees an easier grip than with a conventional curling iron. Its cord at the swivel base measures 262 cm, which leaves room for the back of the head with the device for example.

This vertical design is a real innovation since it breaks the codes of classic curlers, straighteners and hair dryers. This revival may be disturbing during the first uses this during the helping hand is taken quite easily. Be sure to always use it this way for long-lasting results.

As for the weight of the device, the Dyson Airwrap weighs around 600g just like its brother the Dyson Super Sonic. It may seem quite heavy when you know that a classic hair dryer weighs around 400g. But its famous innovative design is above all ergonomic since when you take it in hand you don’t feel a glaring difference in weight.

Changing accessories is done with complete peace of mind since Dyson engineers have made sure to provide it with cold contact points in order to be able to change the head of the device immediately after drying without the risk of burning yourself.


The Dyson Airwrap has a V9 motor located in its blower handle. It is exactly the same as the Dyson Supersonic, it is smaller and lighter and therefore more ergonomic than those of conventional hair dryers. On the brand’s website, we can read that this motor has 13 blades that perform up to 110,000 rpm, which is very powerful for a device like this. In general, a hair dryer has the same power, however it is not multifunctional like the Dyson Airwrap.

 This power is necessary in order to be able to create the Coanda effect which attracts the strands of hair to the interchangeable heads of the Dyson Airwrap and therefore makes it easier to give them the desired shape.

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As said before, what makes the Dyson Airwrap so revolutionary is above all its use of Coanda technology. Indeed, it allows to create curls, to smooth, all at temperatures never exceeding 120° C while a classic styling device has a minimum temperature that can vary from 150 to 180 ° C in most cases. . In this case, the power of the air propelled by the V9 engine dries and shapes quickly without reaching too high a heat.

This technology therefore makes it possible to obtain real curls, real smoothing while limiting exposure to intense heat that your hair would have had to face for the same result with a conventional device. Your hair is therefore more preserved, allowing it to be used on weakened, colored hair without fear of burning your hair fiber.


The Dyson brand strives to develop hair appliances that are kinder to the hair, thus exposing it less to intense heat. Their Corral straightener, their Supersonic hair dryer and the Airwrap are all part of a process of protecting your hair. This is why the brand has equipped this device with intelligent heat control. This is measured via the airflow more than 40 times in one second and will transmit the info to the processor, in order to always guarantee users a temperature below 150° C. 

The perfect combo to preserve your hair without saying goodbye with curls or straight hair. So the question arises “yes, lower heat is good, but is it still effective?” “. The answer is YES thanks to the power of its airflow.


If the Dyson Airwrap is nicknamed the “Roller of hair dryers”, it is mainly due to its innovative technology and its many functions brought together in a single device. It is to be used on wet hair or at least damp if you want to obtain visible results. Without this condition, the effectiveness of the Coanda technology will be compromised.

First, it pre-dries using its blower head. If your hair is simply damp, you can go straight to either straightening using its two straightening brushes, or creating a perfect curtain fringe with its round brush. Or create dream waves with its two cylinders of different diameters. 0 the end so you will get a disciplined and dry hairstyle. Your lengths will be styled and perfectly dried at the same time.


The Dyson Airwrap, given its many features, comes with several different tips. Between the first version of the Dyson Airwrap in 2016 and today, the accessories have been modernized. From now on, there is a kit of tips specifically adapted to long hair since on the old version, they were not big enough to obtain good results on this type of length. In the meantime, the blower head has also changed in appearance, it is more efficient and now also helps to fight against frizz.

The Dyson is therefore delivered in a Prussian Blue leather trunk with a soft fabric interior, packaging worthy of a luxury product. It contains the famous blowing handle that will allow the magic to work as well as 6 heads with completely different functions.

We find:

  • The Coanda drying tip, which allows you to dry your hair before styling and also to fight against spikes and rebellious hair thanks to the rectangular part of the head.
  • 2 Airwrap cylinders, (one 30 mm and the other 40 mm) for making curls. 
  • 1 hard smoothing brush, to fight against frizz and smooth your hair.
  • 1 soft smoothing brush, perfect for fine hair, it will bring them shape.
  • 1 round brush, perfect for a brushing effect or a curtain fringe. It will bring volume to the hair.


For long life and best use, remember to clean your Dyson Airwrap. For this, the brand also provides a cleaning brush for the filter with the device. This will allow for convenient and easy cleaning. For the tips, as with any brush, remove those stuck in the pins and, like the cylinders, be sure to clean them regularly. If you use a heat protectant, there may be deposits on the coating of your accessories and therefore can alter the quality of your hair or give it a strange texture.

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Value for money

The question that everyone asks themselves, “is it really worth it in terms of value for money? “. Well it depends, if you are going to use it daily and it is suitable for your hair type (anything but frizzy) it can be a good option. However, it is still displayed at a significant price while frankly much cheaper devices can achieve a similar result. The award is due to the many years of research and development of its technology. 

Of course, the consumer also pays for the prestige, the name of the brand. So yes, it is effective, if you have the means do not hesitate, it will be your best ally. For those who do not want to invest so much, rest assured, there are much cheaper alternatives to this device.

How to use the Dyson Airwrap on wet hair?

  • Turn on your device with the middle button.
  • Select drying mode on the blower head.
  • Then select the air flow and the temperature you want using the two right and left buttons on the handle.
  • Place the appliance above your hair and pre-dry it? Make sure you have untangled your hair beforehand.
  • To make loops, change the head of your device with one of the two cylinders. The larger one makes for rather loose and glamorous curls while the other creates tighter curls. Then put the device vertically and direct it towards your lock of hair. It will roll up automatically. Wait 30 seconds, your curl is ready
  • To straighten them, opt for the hard brush and brush all of your hair with it. For finishes, choose the soft brush, it will fight against frizz.
  • To add volume, favor the round brush and perform the same movements as for blow-drying.

What hair type is the Dyson Airwrap suitable for? 

The first 2016 version of the Dyson Airwrap had a lot more to users with fine hair but also short and medium-length hair. As for long hair, they were somewhat disappointed with the results on their length.

For the second version, in reality the handle of the device remains the same, only the accessories offered differ. 

Normal hair kit

The big difference with the first generation Dyson Airwrap is that now there is no need to use a cylinder for one direction and another for the other direction to make curls. Now they are able to do both directions with one and the same cylinder. The blower head is very different from the first, it no longer has a hole in the middle and now has an anti-frizz function preparing for straightening. A soft brush perfect for fine hair is also now available. This kit is suitable for both fine and thick hair and short to medium lengths.

Long hair

kit The long hair kit made its appearance with the second generation of the Dyson Airwrap, because the classic nozzles were too small and did not give a good result on long hair. It has the same new attachments as the second generation classic kit but, as the name suggests, it is suitable for long hair thanks to 50% longer attachments and therefore better suited to this type of hair. Many users of the old version who explained that they did not have very good results now see a real change.

Should You Buy The Dyson Airwrap?

If you want to save time because you are in a hurry in the morning or you no longer want to have several devices to dry, curl and straighten your hair, it will meet your expectations. However, we only recommend it for certain types of hair. If you have fine hair, this device will be your best ally because it will have very visible results. The Complete Long version is now suitable for long hair and the classic version for short to mid-length hair.

However, if your hair is too thick the results will not be visible and will not last long. For frizzy hair we recommend that you lean towards other devices that would suit your hair type, because this one is not suitable for it.

What Are The Specifics Of The Dyson Airwrap?

The main specificities of the Dyson are its innovative vertical design which allows easy handling, its use of the Coanda aerodynamic phenomenon which attracts the hair on the straightening and curling accessories as well as the power of its air flow which allows optimal and fast straightening. . The speed and practicality of this device have caused a stir in the world of hairdressing and with the millions of individuals who have adopted it.

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Does the Dyson Airwrap damage my hair?

Exposing your hair to heat can damage it. However, compared to a straightening or curling iron which uses temperatures between 150 and 220°C, the Dyson Airwrap blows it at a maximum heat of 120°C. It is therefore much less aggressive for your hair fiber.

For even more protection, feel free to apply a heat protectant before using the Airwrap. It is still an exposure to heat for your hair, even if it is less intense than with a conventional device.

Is There An Alternative To The Dyson Airwrap?

The Dyson Airwrap is almost a luxury product since it still costs more than 500€. It is therefore natural to ask the question is there not something equivalent at a lower price? Well the answer is yes. It is a drop shipping product that you can find at the amazon reseller VIVICF. It is his blower brush that you will find at the price of 30€. Aesthetically it is the perfect dupe of this device.

In terms of similar results, the Babyliss brand offers its Air Style 1000 blower brush which also allows you to curl, dry, smooth and give volume. What differs them is that this one does not have the revolutionary Coanda technology which attracts hair on the accessories like on the Dyson.

Does the Dyson Airwrap dry my hair?

The styling tool, Dyson Airwrap saves a lot of time as it pre-drys the hair with its drying nozzle and finalizes when you use the styling nozzles such as straightening brushes or curling cylinders. With it, everything is done in one device.

Do Dyson Curls Last All Day?

Depending on the type of hair you have, your curls will last longer or shorter. For example, curls on fine hair will have a better chance of holding than on very thick hair. As for the Dyson Airwrap, we still recommend that you apply a fixing hairspray after creating your curls, in order to guarantee them a long life.

How much does a Dyson Airwrap cost?

On the official website of the Dyson brand, the Airwrap is displayed at a price of €549.00. On the Internet via Amazon, Cdiscount or in store at Boulanger, Darty it is possible to find it up to 100€ cheaper depending on the promotions in place. It is therefore wise to take a good look at the offers and compare them before you start your purchase.

Where to buy the Dyson Airwrap?

The Dyson Airwrap and its different colors are available for sale in household appliance stores such as Darty and Boulanger. Online sales platforms like Amazon and Cdiscount also offer it for sale. Internet has the advantage of often offering offers or reductions, which is not negligible for a device like this.

The brand’s site also sells it online and offers 4x payment for free. It’s a good initiative for those who don’t want to pay more than €500 at once. Be careful when buying to choose the Dyson Airwrap Complet Long if you have long hair and the classic Airwrap Complet for a short to medium length.

Should I use the Dyson Airwrap on wet hair?

Yes, the Dyson Airwrap works like a hair dryer. If your hair is already dry, use a spray with water to re-wet it. Why ? Because if you use the device on dry hair you will get poor results, since it is made to be used at least on damp hair. 

Advantage And Disadvantage Of The Dyson Airwrap

To conclude if we are asked our opinion on the Dyson Air wrap we would tell you that it is a very good product but that like any product it is not suitable for everyone because it has special characteristics.

We like

  • Its Coanda technology
  • Its multifunctionality
  • It damages the hair less than a lambda device
  • Suitable for a wide type of hair
  • Ergonomic design

We like less

  • Its price is very high
  • It is not suitable for frizzy hair
  • The first grip is complicated
Dyson Airwrap Volume + Shape Styler pour cheveux fins et plats
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