Dyson Supersonic: Review And Test Of The Revolutionary Hairdryer

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The Dyson Supersonic, you must have heard of it. He made a lot of noise when he arrived on the market, first of all because of his very high price for a hair dryer but also fortunately for his effectiveness. It also owes it to an innovative technology without strong heat, which damages the hair less, a specialty of Dyson.

on the product and answer any questions you may have about it

opinionAbout the Dyson Supersonic

The Dyson Supersonic is the hair dryer that made the most headlines when it was released. It has both a design never seen before but also unprecedented speed and efficiency. However, it does not use extreme heat which makes it more respectful of your hair fiber. It owes this to Air Multiplier technology Dyson’s


What first characterizes the Dyson Supersonic is its atypical design, never seen before on another device of the same type. When you take it in hand, you can see that it is rather compact compared to a conventional hair dryer. It has a vertical handle, to facilitate handling. Above, we find the ON/OFF button, and below that which allows to engage the cold air jet mode.

As for its blower head, it is hollow, which is what makes the design so atypical. On this head, we have the possibility to adjust the airflow between 3 settings via the left button, and the temperature via the right button. 


The Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is available for sale in 6 different colors . We find the classic fuschia / gray, red / nickel, fuschia / nickel for the most girly colors. For more sober colors Dyson also offers black / nickel, Prussian blue / copper as well as nickel / copper.

Getting started

The Dyson Supersonic is unlike any other hair dryer. Its handling is easier because it is done vertically, as with the Dyson Airwrap. This different grip compared to conventional hair dryers can be disturbing during the first use but you get used to it quickly.

What also sets the Dyson Supersonic apart from other hair dryers is its weight. It weighs 600 g which is slightly higher than a normal hair dryer, which runs around 400, 500 g. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the user feels absolutely no difference in weight.

Its 3m long rotating cord gives you enough room to achieve your hairstyles comfortably. For even more comfort, changing accessories is done in no time since they are all magnetic.


Its more compact design does not mean that the Dyson Supersonic is less powerful than the others. Its blower head conceals a V9 engine that spins its propellers at more than 110,000 revolutions per minute. It propels in one second about 13 liters of air to the amplifier of the device. Its power is 16000 W which is lower than for another device of the same type which bypasses the 24000 W. 

Such power is necessary for the proper functioning of the Air Multiplier technology. It produces high-pressure air, which it diffuses to ensure faster drying despite a lower power than other hair dryers.


The Air Multiplier ionic technology used by the Dyson Supersonic combined with its V9 motor provides a high pressure airflow. This quality air flow allows you to achieve both rapid drying and also to give different textures to your hair (smooth, wavy, brushing). Despite using strong airflow, the temperature is still regulated thanks to intelligent heat control the device’s.


The Dyson Supersonic has a thermal sensor. It measures the temperature up to twenty times per second so that it does not exceed the chosen one. It has 4 temperature settings that you just need to modify using the buttons on the back of the head of the device:

  • 100° C : Ideal for quick drying and easy blow-drying
  • 80° C : Suitable for drying your hair
  • 60° C : Allows gentle drying and even heat distribution
  • 28° C : Cold air option perfect for giving volume or simply gently pre-drying. 

These 4 temperature variations cover a large number of uses and allow the device to adapt to all types of hair. It can be noticed that the highest temperature remains quite low. A classic hair dryer will see its temperatures rise up to 180°C. The Supersonic is however just as efficient as the others thanks to the power of its airflow.

Did you know ? Too much heat can modify the protein of your hair and therefore deteriorate, change the color. In order to fight against this Dyson and its teams have developed the soft drying nozzle which does not make your color fade or dull.


The Dyson Supersonic comes with magnetic accessories that are easy to change. They allow you to achieve different types of hairstyles and vary the textures for your hair. Among the tips we find:

  • 1 smoothing tip, allowing a soft and uniform smoothing in no time.
  • 1 styling tip, which gives shape and volume to your hair.
  • 1 diffuser tip, perfect for curly hair, since it controls frizz while respecting and defining your curls.
  • 1 nozzle diffusing a flow of soft air, it adapts perfectly to fine, weakened and damaged hair. It also makes it possible not to sensitize even more a scalp which is already it.


As for the features of the Dyson Supersonic, first and foremost it dries. This is also what it knows how to do best, and in record time since it is 8 times faster than a conventional dryer. Its various accessories also allow it to diffuse for defined natural curls, smooth and give volume.


Maintenance of the Dyson Supersonic filter is important, as it helps to ensure optimum results. In order to clean it properly, we advise you to remove it (it is at the base of the handle where the cord is) and immerse it in soapy water. The device comes with a specific cleaning brush and a spare filter. So you can use the brush, rinse and dry to finally put your filter back in place. Be careful to make sure it is dry.

In order to guide its users in cleaning the Dyson Supersonic filter, Dyson has produced an explanatory video.

Value for money

In our opinion, the Dyson Supersonic has good value for money, because it lives up to its promises. Certainly, the purchase price can scare you but it is worth the price. Its speed will save you a lot of time in the long run. In addition, this device is made with quality materials that guarantee a long life, so it will be profitable, be sure. 

How to use the Dyson Supersonic?

  1. To start with, before using the Dyson Supersonic make sure your hair is detangled. 
  2. This is optional but you can apply a heat protectant to your hair at this time.
  3. Plug your Dyson Supersonic into the mains.
  4. Set the temperature to the one you want and put the tip you are going to use on the head of the device.
  5. Separate your hair into several parts if you use the straightening nozzle or the diffuser for an optimal result. If you’re blow-drying, simply hold the device upright and point it toward your hair.
  6. Once all your hair is dry, you can unplug your device.
  7. Again this is optional but to close the cuticle of your hair you can apply a leave-in conditioner or a restorative oil on your ends.

What hair type is the Dyson Supersonic compatible with?

Thanks to its innovative technology, which aims to preserve your hair as much as possible from the heat, the Dyson Supersonic is therefore a device compatible even with fine damaged and discolored hair. Its diffuser tip allows you to respect curly to wavy hair. When it comes to straight hair, even the thickest ones are tamed by the straightening attachment. 

Basically, its low temperatures as well as its many accessories make it possible to tame all hair types and lengths. Its high power even guarantees an optimal result on thick hair, so it is suitable for everyone.

Is the drying time really shorter with the Dyson Supersonic?

The drying time with the Dyson Supersonic is about 8 times faster than with a conventional hair dryer. It is therefore significantly faster than with a conventional hair dryer thanks to its very powerful air flow.

Is It Worth Buying The Dyson Supersonic?

If you want really faster drying than with a normal hair dryer then yes the Dyson Supersonic is really worth it. In terms of heat, it is very interesting since it is the only device on the market to offer such protection without extreme temperatures while being the fastest and most efficient. 

Is It Worth Buying The Dyson Supersonic?

If you want really faster drying than with a normal hair dryer then yes the Dyson Supersonic is really worth it. In terms of heat, it is very interesting since it is the only device on the market to offer such protection without extreme temperatures while being the fastest and most efficient. 

So, yes, its price makes it a luxury device, but it is a real investment. Also consider the 2-year warranty on this hair dryer, so in the event of a problem Dyson will take care of your device. 

What Makes The Dyson Supersonic Different From A Conventional Hair Dryer?

What differs the Dyson Supersonic from a lambda hair dryer is that this device has been able to combine speed, protection and efficiency. It is 8 times faster than a conventional hair dryer. It is a little heavier but thanks to its ergonomic design this difference is not felt in use. It is also less powerful but yet it has an airflow that is more powerful which allows it to be more efficient than the others.

It can also be used at lower temperatures than a normal hair dryer, which also allows it to respect your hair fiber much better.

Does the Dyson Supersonic Damage Hair?

Any exposure of your hair to heat damages or weakens it. However, the purpose of this device is to fight against the exposure of your hair to extreme heat. It therefore damages your hair much less than other heating devices.

Dry gently and apply a heat protectant such as 240°C Protect from Syoss. It will form a barrier between the heat and your hair for maximum protection.

Is There A Cheaper Alternative To The Dyson Supersonic?

For those who don’t have the means or even the desire to invest so much in a hair dryer, don’t panic, we have found alternatives for you. The Flintronic is very similar in design to the Supersonic. In terms of efficiency it’s clearly not quite as fast but its 2000W power more than does the trick. Like the Supersonic, it has 3 nozzles, a diffuser, a styling nozzle and a soft air diffuser. Compared to the Dyson Supersonic, its price is 10 times lower.

Which Dyson Hair Dryer Should You Choose?

Between the Dyson Airwrap and the Dyson Supersonic you’ve probably already wondered which one to choose. If you are looking for a quick hair dryer, we recommend the Dyson Supersonic instead, whose primary purpose is to dry, unlike the Airwrap. 

The Airwrap is a multifunctional device that pre-drys, curls and smooths. It therefore has a functionality that pre-drys, however it is quite coarse since the drying is finalized afterwards by smoothing or curling with the device. The Supersonic is really designed to dry which makes it a better hair dryer even if the Airwrap is a very good device too.

How much does a Dyson Supersonic cost?

The Dyson site sells it at around $399 and its limited edition in red (same options, only the color changes) is displayed at around $429. Other resellers such as Amazon, Boulanger or even Darty sometimes put in place promotions that can save you up to fiftydollars. So be careful if you want to save on the initial price, to monitor the possible reductions before investing in this device.

Where to buy the Dyson Supersonic?

The Dyson Supersonic is available for sale in household appliance stores such as Boulanger or Darty. You can find it in its different colors also on Amazon or Cdiscount. These two platforms have the advantage of seeing many promotions and reductions to offer to the buyer.

It is also possible to obtain a Dyson Supersonic via the brand’s website. It is displayed there at around $399 that it is possible to pay in 4 installments without charge. This is an option that can be very convenient for those who cannot or do not want to pay such a large price in one go.

What are the pros and cons of the Dyson Supersonic?

In conclusion, if we were asked what we think of the Dyson Supersonic, we would answer that it is an excellent hair dryer. It is for us, the most effective, the least aggressive for your hair but it is also the most expensive. To guide you, we have summarized our opinion in two parts “we like” and “we like less”, hoping that this will be useful to you.

We love

  • Its speed
  • Its accessories
  • Uses low temperatures
  • Easy
  • handling Leaves a silky, frizz-free finish
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