Hairdryers: the 12 best models of 2022

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hair dryer fast, powerful? After more than 10 hours of research, fifty models evaluated and hundreds of dissected comments, we recommend the best hair dryers according to your budget, your hair quality and the type of hairstyle you want to do.

What is a Hair Dryer?

A hair dryer is an electric device that blows hot air and is used to dry hair. Its use can be varied, from simple drying to special hairstyles such as brushings or curls.

Letting your hair air is not good for the hair, it will weaken. The water causes the cuticles to swell and crack, which damages our hair. It is therefore recommended to dry your hair to maintain the quality and shine of your hair. However, not all hair dryers are created equal. Too much heat damages the hair at too high a power. We recommend limiting the drying time of your hair and using the appropriate hair dryer with moderate power thanks to our selection of products.

Remington Ionic D3198 – The best low price

The Remington Ionic D3198 hair dryer has a maximum power of 2200 W and contains 3 temperature and 2 speed levels. It is equipped with a fresh air that will allow you to fix your hairstyle to keep it intact all day and reduce frizz.

The device has ionic technology, which will speed up your drying time and leave your hair with a smooth, silky texture and finish. It has a ring that will allow you to hang it easily.

This hair dryer also features a concentrator that’s perfect for creating sleek styles like blow-drying, as well as a diffuser to revive your natural curls while drying. Likewise, its 1.7 meter cord allows you to use it even far from a wall socket.

It is suitable for all hair types, thanks to its different powers and it will help you to sublimate your hair by giving it a beautiful texture.

We like

  • its price
  • ionic function
  • removable grill: easy to clean
  • 3-year warranty

We like less

  • noisy
  • a little heavy
  • buttons badly positioned on the handle

Dyson Supersonic – The must

hair dryer Dyson Supersonic has a power of 1,600 W for use is simple and intuitive with its 3 airflow and temperature settings.

The appliance provides quick drying without extreme heat. Its digital motor is powerful and controls the temperature to preserve the natural shine of the hair. It’s playful, it’s so thin and light that you don’t feel like you’re holding anything: it’s ideal for people who want to do elaborate hairstyles or brushing.

This model has 5 magnetic tips including a diffuser and a concentrator. Very handy, the absence of button facilitates its use. The heat is adapted and prevents the burning sensation of the hair. The hair is made shiny, the scalp is not attacked.

The Dyson Supersonic is the hair dryer that ticks all the boxes a hair dryer needs. Its price is substantial but proves to be a good investment if you use it frequently because it has a long lifespan and its above average results. It was designed to suit all hair types. If it is used daily and you can afford it, you will not be disappointed.

We like

  • its speed
  • its technology
  • its accessories
  • its lightness

We like

  • its price

BaByliss Cordkeeper 2000 – The best ionic

The BaByliss Cordkeeper 2000 hair dryer has a power of 2000 W for 3 temperature settings and 2 speeds offering better thermal protection as well than total control of your style. His fashion fresh air fixes your hairstyle durably during the day and reduces frizz.

The device is equipped with the ionic function eliminates static electricity for a smooth and elegant result while enhancing the shine of your hair. Its cord is retractable, allowing simpler, wireless storage. 

It is with a fine concentrator for a shiny and smooth result and a wide diffuser to enhance natural curls and volume.

This hair dryer is suitable for all hair styles and for all hairstyles. It dries relatively quickly and is not too bulky. For its price, it gives fairly good results and does not dry out the hair, it’s a real plus for dry hair.

We like

  • its price
  • its design
  • retractable cord
  • 3 years of support

We like less

  • you have to keep pressing the fresh air button
  • cord a little short

Panasonic EH-NA98 – The best for thick hair

The Panasonic EH-NA98 hair dryer has a maximum power of 1800W. It is equipped with Nanoe which eliminates static electricity to reduce frizz and give more shine to your hair – and Double Mineral which reduce the damage caused by brushing the hair, such as split ends.

The device senses the ambient temperature to adjust the airflow and strengthen and protect your hair and scalp to reduce dryness over time.

It also has a “skin” mode that delivers nano-ions to your face. This is recommended for users with dry to very dry skin.

Thanks to its features, this device is ideal for thick hair, giving quite good power as well as comfort sufficientIts technologies will care for the hair and make soft and silky while taming it. Suitable for wavy to curly hair.

We love

  • its many
  • foldable technologies: ideal for taking it on a
  • quiet

We don’t like

  • accessory
  • rather bulky

Corioliss Flow Plus – The lightest

The Corioliss Flow Plus hair dryer has a power of 2,000 W for 2 speed modes and 3 temperatures as well as a cold air button. It is equipped with an LED indicator which sees its color change according to the temperature used.

The device has an ergonomic for easy use (340 g). Its ceramic technology heats and distributes heat evenly throughout the hair. It diffuses infrared heat for maximum protection and long-lasting results.

This hair dryer is the lightest on the market, it lacks accessories to allow people with rough hair to use it. Otherwise, it is ok for simple drying or making hairstyles.

We like

  • LED indicator
  • its long cord (3 m)
  • quite quiet

We don’t like

  • plastic
  • rather large

Philips DryCare MoistureProtect – The best for wavy, frizzy, curly hair

The Philips DryCare MoistureProtect hair dryer has a professional power of 2300 W as well only 3 temperatures and 2 speeds to facilitate its use and the cold air button to fix the hairstyle.

The device has the ionic function for shiny, frizz-free hair, while its innovative MoistureProtect infrared technology constantly monitors and adapts the drying temperature to your hair’s needs. It also has the ThermoProtect function which guarantees an ideal temperature and protects against overheating.

It is equipped with a styling nozzle and a diffuser that will distribute the flow of air through the hair for healthier drying. Suitable for all hair types but will best help wavy, frizzy, curly types protection.

This hair dryer gives you shiny hair thanks to preserved hydration and faster and easier styling, even at low temperatures. 

We like

  • its many technologies
  • hair protection
  • low noise

We like less

  • fresh air is lukewarm
  • quite heavy
  • poorly positioned buttons

Philips Series 5000 – The best for fine or damaged

hair The Philips Series 5000 hair dryer has a power of 2,300 W for 6 temperature and speed settings and a fresh air button to finalize and fix your hairstyle. It is equipped with the ionic function doubled which allows tointensify the shine of your hair and to obtain shiny hair without frizz. Its mineral ions reduce surface damage ensuring smoother and more supple hair.

Its concentrator is fine and allows you to make quick touch-ups and modify small details in your hairstyle. Likewise, its thermal protection technology, ThermoShield, protects your hair from damage caused by overheating by controlling and optimizing the air temperature on your hair.

The device is ideal for damaged hair, as it will restore strength to the hair and prevent it from breaking. The same for fine hair that will not be exposed to too stifling heat.

We like

  • its design
  • its technology

We like less

  • risk of melting

Ghd Helios – The best for fast drying

The GHD Helios hair dryer has a powerful 2200 W to significantly speed up drying. This model has 3 temperature settings and 2 speed settings and fixes your hairstyle thanks to the cold air. Its ionic function will allow you a gentle drying that will sublimate your hair while preserving it.

This device offers a unique AeroprecisTM technology : internal aerodynamics specially designed to offer intuitive styling, absolute control and professional results. The hair becomes soft, shiny and disciplined. The device is comfortable to use.

It is a quality product that does its job. He is efficient. It is made for frequent use or not. During hairstyles, it allows a long outfit. Suitable for all hair types, it promises you quality drying.

We like

  • ionic function
  • handy and efficient
  • 2 years warranty

We like less

  • a single accessory
  • its high price 

Remington Proluxe AC9140 – The best in professional quality

The Remington Proluxe AC9140 hair dryer has a power of 2400 W, which is very powerful. It has 2 speed modes as well as 3 temperatures and a cold air mode to fix your hairstyle. 

The device is equipped with ionic technology for faster drying or brushing without frizz and without damaging the hair. It also has OptiHeat technology which gives a constant and targeted temperature for a style that lasts. It comes with 2 concentrators to direct the heat and 1 diffuser to create volume and style curly hair, which seems fine for a so-called professional hair dryer. Its rear grill is removable to allow thorough cleaning.

Thanks to this professional hair dryer, you will practically no longer need to use your straightener during your brushings. It is suitable for all hair types, holds over time to satisfy you at best.

We like

  • its diffuser strengthens the loops
  • its power
  • long cable

We like less

  • quite heavy
  • tips are hard to put on
  • rather noisy

Valera Silent Jet 7500 – The best silencer

Valera Silent Jet 7500 hair dryer has a power of 2000 W.TheIt controls the power of the airflow which allows a fairly significant reduction in noise, i.e. 59 dB against 80 dB on average. Its ionic function avoids static electricity and preserves the hydration of the hair, making it shiny.

This device has 3 mouthpieces including a standard one, a diffuser and a Touch mouthpiece which remains cold thanks to its double wall.

This hair dryer is suitable for all hair types. It can be used for simple drying as well as for special hairstyles. It is easy to use and makes hair shinier and silkier. The device helps to have beautiful finishes during hairstyles and reduces frizz. It is overall a good product that fulfills its objectives, which justifies its rather high price.

We like

  • its rotocord cable
  • its technology

We like less

  • its filter cannot be removed
  • its price is quite

substantial Remington D1500 – The best for travel

The Remington D1500 hair dryer has a maximum power of 2,000 W for 2 heat settings. Its design is compact and rather light (546 g).

Its handle is foldable for space-saving and efficient storage. Its voltage adjustment is manual depending on the country you are going to. The device has 1 concentrator and 1 diffuser for curly hair or to have volume.

This hair dryer is practical, powerful, complete and offers the ionic function. It is suitable for all hair types and you canuse it daily.

This device combines power and functionality combined with the ease of transport essential for traveling. Given its characteristics, you can even use it on a daily basis!

We like

  • its power
  • its accessories
  • its rear grill is removable
  • bi-voltage

We like less

  • no
  • noisy

Valera Ionic Comfort – The best helmet

The Valera Ionic Comfort hair dryer has a power of 600 W as well as 3 temperature modes including fresh air to fix the hairstyle. It is equipped with the ionic function which allows a non-aggressive drying on the hair and the reduction of frizz.

The device is light and comfortable, you won’t feel any weight on your shoulders. Its helmet is spacious, allowing you to put accessories like curlers. Although it is not held by legs, once positioned it will not fall off and will stay in place. Its control motor, positioned at chest level, is accessible. Its format is ideal for taking it on the go.

This hair dryer hood gives professional. It is also ideal for giving volume and allowing moisturizers to penetrate deep into the hair.

It’s a good device although it’s quite difficult to fit all your long hair into the helmet. 

We like

  • there is a storage case
  • it is quite quiet

We like less

  • not suitable for hair that is too long

Why Buy A Hair Dryer?

A hair dryer is ideal for drying your hair, but not only! It is useful for:

  • protecting your hair from air-drying which weakens the hair.
  • have brushing slightly wavy hair after the shower, it is nice to quickly restore a smooth and shiny to your hair. Also for curly or frizzy hair, on a special occasion or just on a whim, many like to be able to switch heads easily
  • make curls : unlike brushing, when you have straight hair, sometimes you want volume or a hairstyle that changes from the ordinary. Thanks to the hair dryer, it will be easy for you to draw, using a brush, pretty curls.

How To Choose A Hair Dryer?


The power of a hair dryer can vary from 1000 Watts to 2500W.

There are two types of motors: 

  • type DC motors are direct current motors. They are used on appliances for home use and have a much more manageable and lightweight structure. Their lifespan is approximately 1,200 hours
  • type AC motors are alternating current motors. They are the most powerful and used for professional hair dryers.
  • They are more efficient than DC motors and have a long lifespan of around 2,000 hours.

Choose your hair dryer according to your needs based on your hair type. If you have fine hair, choose a fairly low power so as not to attack your hair and damage it. On the other hand, if you have thick hair, a power exceeding or equivalent to 2000 W will be totally adequate, and will save you from spending too much time on it.

Weight and size

A hair dryer must be able to be held in the hand for a fairly long period of time when drying or doing a hairstyle. Therefore, the device must have a fairly light weight so as not to create pain in the arm and wrist. Prefer devices revolving around 400-500 grams for an almost featherweight. 

A hair dryer should not be too large to have maximum efficiency. The smaller it is, the easier it will be for you to handle it and do your hairstyles. You will also have more facilities to store it.

Nevertheless, the format of the device leads to a drop in power so pay attention to the number of watts of the hair dryer.


Some hair dryers are equipped with different technologies. Some are specific to the brand , such as cables that do not twist, but often the devices are equipped with technology that will bring added value. If you like to do hairstyles that last all day, get a model that has the cool air to fix your hairstyle and reduce the risk of frizz.

Choose the technology of your hair dryer according to the needs of your hair. If you have dry and brittle hairtechnology ionic will help you find the right balance. If you have trouble adjusting temperatures and are afraid of burning your hair, the ceramic function is for you.


A hair dryer, whether entry-level or professional, is most often equipped with several function buttons. A device can have 2 to 3 modes of speed, temperature and the cold air button.

  • For drying : use the maximum power and temperature of your appliance to reduce the drying time.
  • For a brushing : it is agreed to lower the power so as not to damage your hair.

If you have long hair, it’s a good idea to have a hair guard to prevent your hair caught. It is also useful to have a removable rear filter which will allow you to clean your hair dryer easily and thereforeextend its life.

When choosing your hair dryer, you have to pay attention to the needs of your hair. Each model and brand has different wattage and temperature ratings, so consider these before purchasing. 


The use of a hair dryer is more practical with accessories. You have to know how to choose them well. Some devices come with attachments that help a certain type of hair or for a particular use.

  • A concentrator concentrates the air and the heat on the wick to be worked on, this increases the speed of the air and reduces the drying time. Its use is practical for the realization of brushing or to make a smoothing, facilitating the work. They come in different sizes, allowing you to find the one that suits you best.
  • A diffuser is mainly used for curly hair, or hair that lacks volume. It distributes the heat evenly and protects the hair fiber from hot air. It has spikes that are used to take off the roots in order to give volume and to separate the strands to create material. A diffuser should not be confused with a curling iron. The diffuser allows you to maintain natural curls while the curling iron will allow you to create curls or even increase their volume.

There are also hair dryer doors to facilitate storage. Just mount it on the wall and put your device on it. Its use becomes more accessible and it is a space saver as well as a time saver. 

The Different Types Of Hair Dryers

A hair dryer comes in several models that have different features:

  • Ionic hair dryers : this is a hair dryer that sends hot air and artificially produces negatively charged ions. This technology dries faster than a conventional hair dryer and minimizes trauma to the hair, as it is less aggressive, making it soft and shiny.
  • Quiet hair dryers : this appliance is much less noisy than a conventional hair dryer. It has an average of 60 decibels only for 80 for a normal.
  • Professional hair dryers : this model is much more powerful and resistant than a standard hair dryer. It is equipped with a so-called “AC” motor which is intended to have a very long lifespan, whereas the traditional hair dryer is equipped with a lighter and less efficient so-called ” DC ” motor.
  • Travel hair dryers hair dryer more compact, usually foldable which makes it easier to transport. It is generally much cheaper than a standard device and serves the same purpose, which is to dry hair.
  • Wall -mounted hair dryers : it is a device the size of a classic hair dryer, powered directly from an outlet and which has a storage base placed on the wall. Its storage mode is more convenient and safe for children.
  • Hair dryer hoods : this hair dryer covers the entire head. It uses indirect heat to dry in a gentle and healthy way, compared to conventional hair dryers which use direct heat to dry hair. They remove moisture from the hair, while preserving it from intense heat that could damage and break it.

The Different Hair Dryer Technologies

Some hair dryers are equipped with technologies to bring comfort and well-being to the user. There are 3 important

  • Ionic technology : this technique allows hair to be dried while preserving the hair’s natural shine . It helps reduce static electricity and damages hair and scalp less. This provides more shine, hold and softness to the hair.
  • Ceramic technology : this method consists of giving a constant temperature. The ceramic retains the heat and distributes it evenly throughout the hair to avoid damaging it.
  • The tourmaline technology : this process provides volume or impeccable smoothing. It dries the hair faster, while retaining its shine

Which Hair Dryer For Which Hair Type?

If you have fine hair, choose appliances with low power and keep the temperature not too high so as not to damage your hair.

For thick hair, choose a device with high power to reduce drying time as well as several power modes to avoid weakening it.

The hair dryer suitable for curly or frizzy hair must be able to reach W.2000A diffuser is expected to define curls and protect from direct heat. The ion function is recommended.

It’s best to let frizzy hair air dry, but if you still need a blow dryer, focus on those with the ionic function or those with a diffuser to protect them as best as possible. the heat.

How To Use A Hair Dryer?

A hair dryer is quite simple to use, but you have to be careful not to damage hair. Likewise, careless drying of your hair can lead to tangles, damage, and dehydration. Getting it wrong can also create frizz and static, which can ruin your hairstyle

  1. Start by wringing and then pre-drying your hair with a towel : this will help reduce your efforts and reduce your hair’s exposure to heat.
  2. Detangle your hair with your fingers, gently so as not to break the hair fiber.
  3. Tilt your head forward to dry the strands from behind and loosen the roots if you’re looking for volume. Use a diffuser if you have curly hair.  
  4. Dry your hair from bottom to top with gentle strokes. Hold the hair dryer at least 30 centimeters from your head while wiggling it to distribute the heat everywhere.
  5. Once you get to the top hair, divide it into a few sections to dry them individually. This will allow them to dry faster and stylize them.
  6. Do not hesitate to finish your drying with the cold air in order to fix the final result and avoid frizz

How to do a brushing ?

In order to achieve a blow-dry that lasts, start by drying your hair using the previous step.

  1. Take your hair dryer equipped with an air concentrator which will allow good precision. 
  2. Begin by sectioning your hair, starting at the bottom of the hair.
  3. Take a strand and using a brush, start your brushing by working the hair from roots to ends. Go down slowly and repeat the action until the bit is smooth. 
  4. Repeat this process all over your hair, choosing where to place your parting.
  5. Complete your hairstyle with the cold air mode.

The Dangers of Hair Dryers

for Hair

Using a hair dryer daily basis can damage hair and make it dry. You must try toalternate your drying mode with drying in the open air, without forgetting to dry them with a towel beforehand in order to remove the excess water so as not to crack the cuticles.

In order not to damage your hair too much with the heat, be careful not to keep the hair dryer too close to your hair and to keep it in constant movement. This will avoid direct and too long contact with the heat. Prefer low temperatures and the use of a diffuser. Remember that a protective treatment can protect your hair.

For the body

It still happens that people areelectrocuted orelectrified following the improper use of household appliances. A domestic accident happens quickly and unexpectedly.

To prevent any risk of incident, be careful not to use your hair dryer too close to the filled bathtub ora source of water. Do not overload electrical outlets as this may cause a short circuit, unplug the hair dryer after use and before cleaning.

If you hear your device making a funny noise or smelling unusual, turn it off and unplug it. If you have a warranty, ask for advice, send it in for repair or exchanged.  

How Is A Hair Dryer Made?

A hair dryer is an electronic device with several parts that contribute to its proper functioning. Here are the elements that make it up:

  1. Front protection grid : allows you to style and dry your hair. The air is centered to work the locks one by one.
  2. Resistors : heat the air sent by the propellers. They are equipped with a thermal fuse.
  3. Motor : is the part that makes the hair dryer work. It allows to put an action the turbine which triggers the cold air to send it to the exit.
  4. Rear protective grid : prevents dust and hair from getting stuck in it. This reduces overheating and prevents it from working properly.
  5. Turbine : draws in cold air and propels it over the electrical resistances. The turbine is driven by the engine.
  6. Fresh air button : regulates the heating temperature.
  7. Switches : allows the start and stop of the hair dryer.
  8. Carbon brushes : transmit electric current to the motor to turn the turbine.
  9. Power Cord : Connects the hair dryer to an electrical outlet.

Hair Dryer Brands

There are many different brands that make hair dryers. Some people prefer to buy products that have a known brand, often thinking that brand equals quality. Here are the most referenced brands of hair dryers with more than adequate quality


BaByliss Paris was founded in 1961. The brand has been working for more than 50 years to help you find your own style by offering professional quality beauty products.


GHD, from its abbreviation “Good Hair Day”! is an English brand founded in 2001. She set up her business in France in 2006, and proclaimed her specialty as high-end professional hairdressing.


Remington was founded in 1937. 80 years later, they are still innovating to give you the best. The brand is geared towards consumers on a budget.


Dyson was founded in 1991 and specializes in home appliances. The brand is a successful company that ranks among the best in the world.


Philips was founded in 1891 in the Netherlands. It aims to improve people’s daily lives through meaningful innovation.


Rowenta is a German brand of small household appliances created in 1909. Its slogan ” Enjoy Technology ” informs the customer that the devices offered have state-of-the-art functionalities.

Hair Dryer Alternatives

Blowing brushes

The blowing brush allows you to create hairstyles while drying your hair. It simplifies your life when creating different styles. It will give you the opportunity to dry your hair, straighten, curl it or even give it volume. This device frees you from the gadgets that waste your time like curlers, straighteners, and even hair dryers: it’s an all-in-one.

The blower brush is quick and easy to use. It allows you tohave pretty hairstyles easily at home. No need to go through the hair dryer box before styling your hair, because it takes care of it.

There are some for all different hair types from fine hair to frizzy hair, and for different uses. There are brushes with several tips that will allow you to achieve different styles of hairstyles. Choisissez bien ses fonctionnalités avant de vous lancer.

Les brosses chauffantes

La brosse chauffante ne sert pas à sécher les cheveux, vous aurez besoin d’un sèche-cheveux pour les sécher ou attendre qu’ils soient secs pour l’utiliser. Cet appareil sert à lisser vos cheveux ou à créer des ondulations. Grâce à cet outil, vous n’aurez plus de crampes aux bras à force de tenir un sèche-cheveux lors de vos brushings et vous serez plus libre de vos mouvements, car vous n’aurez que la brosse à tenir.

Cet appareil n’abîme pas vos cheveux, justement, il les rend plus souples et soyeux. Cela reste quand même de la chaleur, nous vous conseillons d’appliquer un protecteur thermique comme vous le ferez pour un fer à lisser.

Les brosses soufflantes rotatives

La brosse soufflante rotative a la même utilisation que la brosse soufflante : elle sèche et elle coiffe. Ce qui la différencie est son cylindre qui tourne pour vous donner encore moins de travail. Elle peut lisser et vous faire des boucles dans les deux sens. Il suffit d’y mettre une mèche à la racine et de diriger la brosse qui s’occupera de lisser, boucler, onduler

Les bonnets chauffants

Le bonnet chauffant se porte sur la tête comme un bonnet normal, il suffit juste d’y mettre tous ses cheveux. Certains ne contiennent ni de moteur ni de câble. Cet accessoire vous permettra de bouger tranquillement pendant que vous séchez vos cheveux ou réalisez vos soins capillaires. Ils se chauffent généralement aux micro-ondes ou se branchent à une prise électrique. Ils protègent vos cheveux contre les agressions extérieures.

Quel Type De Sèche-Cheveux Abîme Le Moins Les Cheveux ?

Pour préserver l’éclat de nos cheveux, il faut privilégier les sèche-cheveux avec les technologies comme la fonction ionique, la tourmaline ou la céramique. Ces fonctions apportent de la brillance à vos cheveux tout en leur épargnant une trop grosse chaleur. Néanmoins, il faut faire attention à la puissance et à la température de votre appareil et ne pas mettre votre chevelure en contact direct et trop long avec la chaleur.

Pourquoi Utiliser Un Sèche-Cheveux ?

Utiliser un sèche-cheveux donne de la brillance aux cheveux, car la chaleur ressert les écailles du cheveu. Cela est très pratique pour donner du volume et protéger le cheveu. De plus, utiliser un sèche-cheveux est plus sain que de laisser ses cheveux sécher à l’air libre. L’eau fait gonfler et craquer les cuticules, ce qui abîme et fragilise notre chevelure.

Quelle Précaution Faut-Il Prendre Lors De L’utilisation D’un Sèche-Cheveux ?

Lorsque vous utilisez un sèche-cheveux, veillez à ne pas le porter trop près de vos cheveux et à le maintenir en mouvement constant, afin de ne pas envoyer trop de chaleur au même endroit trop longtemps. Ne dirigez pas directement la sortie d’air sur le cuir chevelu. 

Après son utilisation, attendez qu’il refroidisse avant de le ranger

Où Acheter Un Sèche-Cheveux ?

Un sèche-cheveux peut s’acheter aussi bien en magasin que sur Internet

L’avantage de l’acheter dans les magasins d’électroménager ou dans votre super marché est que vous aurez la possibilité de voir l’objet, de le toucher et parfois de le tester. Vous pourrez également avoir les conseils d’un expert.

D’un autre côté, l’acheter en ligne comme sur Amazon, vous permettra de voir les avis des utilisateurs qui l’ont testé et qui ont ou non votre type de cheveux. 

Rien ne vous empêche d’aller faire un tour en magasin et de l’acheter en ligne ou vice-versa, vous pourrez trouver des réductions avantageuses

Un Sèche Cheveux Peut-Il Prendre Feu ?

Les appareils électriques, aussi bien sèche-cheveux qu’aspirateurs, peuvent prendre feu s’ils sont défectueux. Il peut y avoir une surchauffe, un court-circuit, il suffit parfois de peu pour avoir un drame.

Vérifiez bien l’état de votre appareil avant de l’utiliser, si vous entendez un bruit inhabituel ou une odeur étrange, débranchez le tout de suite au risque de vous faire mal.

Pour éviter tout problème, nettoyez bien votre sèche-cheveux, n’oubliez pas de le débrancher une fois utilisé, ne le branchez pas sur des multiprises déjà trop chargées.

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