Hanging barbecue: the 10 best models of 2022

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You want to buy a barbecue but you don’t really know which model to turn to? You could choose the authenticity of a hanging barbecue ! It offers a pleasant and original aesthetic while offering a very good cooking mode for all types of ingredients. Fixed, nomadic or rather versatile, we have gone in search of the best models in order to present them to you. These hanging barbecues come in different styles with varying sizes and features, we’re sure you’ll find the one you need!

What is a Hanging Barbecue?

The hanging barbecue is a cooking system with which you perfectly control the spacing between the grill and the flames. The hearth can be charcoal or gas and the grilling surface is independent, supported in height by an axis or a tripod and adjustable via a crank or any other lifting system.

Blumfeldt Delion: Complete hanging barbecue with swivel axis and shelf

blumfeldt Delion - Grill Suspendu, Pivotant, en Acier, Brasero, 70 cm de diamètre, Pieds Extra Longs, Crochets de sécurité, Surface de Cuisson avec Rebord - Noir

With this charcoal barbecue and its hanging grill, you will have everything you need to prepare tasty meals! The 70 cm diameter circular cooking surface oscillates above the embers for always perfect grilling. With the crankquickly and without burning yourself height. Searing a little more, cooking over low heat or keeping warm, everything is possible! A rim has even been provided so that the food cannot fall during handling.

This hearth made of thick steel sheet is very resistant. It has high and very stable feet so that the cooking point is exactly at the right height (77 cm), handling is thus more comfortable. An ash collector collects the residue from the fire while ensuring good ventilation. A large wooden shelf serves as a work surface, very practical for placing dishes and 5 hooks allow you to hang kitchen accessories. Note that the gallows can be separated from the hearth, the latter then becomes a brazier for cool evenings!

Size: 85×85×20 cm.

We like

  • Complete barbecue
  • Shaft and removable cooking grid
  • Practical shelf and hooks

We like less

  • This barbecue has it all!

Landmann 11065: All stainless steel suspended

LANDMANN Barbecue pivotant Geos - avec piquet de terre | Grille chromée, avec rebord de sécurité | Pied pour brasero, coude de gril & brasero émaillé [acier inox]

barbecue This barbecue entirely made ofstainless steel is as elegant as it is practical. In a limited footprint, it allows you to cook your food on a 55 cm chrome grill with a safety edge preventing food from falling. An ergonomic handle makes it possible to adjust the height of the grid, manually and precisely.

Each element of this fireplace has been meticulously thought out, this is how the lower shelf serves as a cover while the grid, the chain and its handle can be stored in the tank. And if you just want to use heateritan extra and mood glow in the garden, that’s totally possible. A ground anchor is provided for anchoring so that this free-standing fireplace stays in place and cannot tip over.

Dimensions: 184 × 84 × 88 cm.

We like

  • All stainless steel design with a refined style
  • Very easy adjustment of the grill with the handle
  • Brazier function with a holding spike
  • Everything fits together for practical storage/wintering

We like less

  • No ash catcher and the fireplace could have been a little Deeper.

Activa: Tripod Hanging Grill with Cookware

ACTIVA Barbecue pivotant Dutch Oven Set à trépied, caisse en bois, casserole, poêle, grille de barbecue, fonte, chaudière goulache

Ready for a life as a trapper? With this barbecue, you prepare a whole meal in the middle of nature (or simply in the garden!), in a traditional way but as simply as if you were in front hob of the kitchen

To do this, you can count on a set of complete and versatile cooking items. To start, an enamelled fire tray and a tripod supporting a 46 cm diameter cooking grid connected to a height-adjustable chain. Here, conventional grills are made, beautiful pieces of meat and vegetables.

Let’s now move on to this cast iron saucepan with its lid in which you can prepare absolutely everything like at home, for example the pasta shells of the children because “yuck vegetables are not good!” », or a good slow-cooked roast. But also a small pot to heat the water for tea or coffee, a frying pan to cook an egg and a griddle-style griddle to grill small pieces that might fall through the grill.

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These additional utensils are used with the pan support which ensures optimal support and good heat distribution on the incandescent charcoal. And as obviously everything will be extremely hot, a lid lifter is also provided to monitor the cooking without burning yourself. And for perfect organization, all the accessories can be stored in a large solid wood box.

Dimensions: NC.

We like

  • Authentic style
  • Original and versatile cooking
  • Very complete in a limited space

We don’t like

  • The cooking surface is limited

Momboo: Low outdoor brazier and hanging grill

Brasero exterieur Ø70cm , Trépied Brasero Barbecue Suspendu avec Grille, Brasero exterieur avec Gril Suspendu, Foyer avec Gril Suspendu Réglable en Hauteur, Réglable en Hauteur 4 Niveaux,

Why buy a brazier and a barbecue when you can combine everything in one useful and decorative element ?brazier iron with its beautiful intense black finish. It welcomes your wood fire to warm the atmosphere, give a warm and friendly touch to your outdoor events.

In anticipation of the meal, all you have to do is install the bracket and then hang the 64.5 cm diameter chrome grill. It is suitable for cooking all kinds of food for 7 to 12 people and is adjustable in height thanks to a very simple system of rollers. At 18, 22, 28 or 35 cm, your cooking is always optimal, homogeneous and not charred as may be the case in a classic barbecue where the grids are fixed. When the fire goes crazy because of the fat, you have no choice but to add a little water or hastily move the pieces of meat… Here, you just have to raise the grill from the end fingers !

Insofar as everything is removable, it is a hanging barbecue that can be easily transported in the car, the caravan or the motorhome for departures on vacation or for a weekend in nature!

Dimensions: 70 × 70 × 120 cm.

We like

  • Multifunction
  • Removable
  • Transportable

We like less

  • The fire bowl is low, you have to bend down to manage the cooking

Esschert Design FF218: Tripod for suspended barbecue in black steel

Trpied barbecue suspendu

Minimalist and inexpensive, this tripod does the job by installing itself very simply above any hearth. You can install a pot or a grid of your choice thanks to the chains provided, with the chain that allows you to adjust the cooking height by hanging on the side. Like what, there is no need for a crazy sum to give another dimension to your summer evening, especially if you already have a brazier! And if not, why not garden fireplace homemade

Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 160 cm.

We like

  • Simple
  • Compact
  • Very stable

We like less

  • Grid not

included VidaXL 40715: Entry-level hanging barbecue on feet

vidaXL Barbecue Suspendu à Cuisson Rond

Here is a charcoal barbecue, built in high quality steel, robust and durable and equipped with very stable feet so that you can cook comfortably, at the right height. If its roundness is characteristic and very fashionable since the arrival of Weber barbecues, you will however not find a lid on this model. Here the cooking is open, on a 58 cm grid floating above the embers thanks to a gallows.

The height is adjustable very simply by moving the chain up and down using a crank. Once blocked, cooking can therefore continue, striking close to the flames or more gentle with the raised grill.hanging barbecue space-saving and very light, you can easily move it around the house and transport it to the campsite.

Dimensions: 72 x 123 cm.

We like

  • Sleek style Design
  • quality
  • Practical
  • handle Very stable feet
  • Lightweight

We like less

  • Too bad it doesn’t have an ash catcher and/or grid to ventilate the fire!

Vevor: Gantry for barbecue suspended above a campfire

In a radically different style, this structure in first quality carbon steel will be just as easy to use, with very good stability. The cooking grid is suspended directly at the desired height by means of chains of 3 pairs of hooks of different heights. It supports up to 15 kg, whether it is directly meat or a pot.

This outdoor cooking equipment quickly assembles for easy installation, with all necessary accessories supplied. All you have to do is prepare a nice wood fire! The cooking surface is equipped with edges high enough to hold everything well, food such as pans, even with a slight rocking due to handling or wind.

Dimensions: 88.9 × 33 × 8.9 cm.

We like

  • Very stable portico format
  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Good quality hanging barbecue

We like less

  • Adjusting the height of the grill is a bit complicated since you have to change hooks while everything is hot…

Bellissa: Structure for stone hearth with vertical barbecue

bellissa espace pour barbecue et feu en gabion - 95580 - emplacement pour feu avec grille, potence de barbecue et chaînes inclus- diamètre 92/72 cm, hauteur 40 cm

Here is what to make at home an original barbecue, very aesthetic and secure since the fire is surrounded by stones. The gabion structure in galvanized zinc-aluminum steel mesh offers an external diameter of 92 cm for an interior of 72 cm and a height ofapproximately 40 cm, with a mesh size of 2.5 × 10 cm. You will have to insert an average of 165 kg of stones of 25 to 60 mm in order to constitute the entourage of this garden hearth. Inside, a solid sheet metal insert prepares the hearth, you can add a charcoal tray for more practicality.

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The stainless steel hanging grid has a diameter of 56 cm with its suspension chains. Mounted on a galvanized steel bracket, it is adjustable in height and swivels, which facilitates the movement of food and avoids overcooking. Everything is assembled very easily thanks to the guide provided, without any foundation necessary. Each element is designed to withstand bad weather and frost. This design is particularly safe and suitable for families, children and pets will be kept at a safe distance from flames and the hot source thanks to the facing wall. The stones will also have the advantage of concentrating and retaining the heat to use less coal and cook faster.

Dimensions: 92 × 92 × 40 cm.

We like

  • A very trendy look for the garden
  • Secure hearth keeping its heat perfectly
  • Height-adjustable and swivel cooking

We like less

  • Exclusively fixed barbecue
  • Plan the purchase of additional stones which will increase the bill

Grillrost Das Original G-1069: Bracket for suspended barbecue, free installation

Grillrost.com Das Original Barbecue en Acier Inoxydable | Barbecue pivotant - démontable avec Guide-chaîne Interne & Douille de Sol

If you want to design a stone hearth yourself, use a brazier anywhere and anytime or even be able to light a traditional wood fire in the middle of nature to cook your meat on it, So bet on this bracket for hanging cooking grid. Of a high quality of design, it adapts in a universal above any type of installation. Its anchoring to the ground has been specially designed to be very easy with a rotating sleeve that holds the stake firmly with excellent stability.

All you have to do is add the grid of the diameter of your choice (up to 130 cm!) with the appropriate chain. Note that this stainless steel foot can be completely dismantled into two parts, so it is extremely compact to transport. The total height after assembly is 2.3 m.

Grillrost.com Das Original Grille de Barbecue Ronde - 130cm en Acier Inoxydable - Produit Artisanal - Made in Germany avec 3 Oeillets de Suspension
Grillrost.com Das Original Jeu de chaînes en Acier Inoxydable avec Gravure personnelle & émerillon - Made in Germany

We like

  • Space saving and nomadic
  • Simple and efficient
  • High quality design
  • Can support a very large grill for a substantial cooking surface

We like less

  • A substantial price combined with the necessary accessories… However, given the quality, it is a sustainable purchase which can be used both in the garden and on the go.

Unus RM Design 11918-61ROST: 61 cm rusty effect design hanging

Here is a modern barbecue that should appeal to all those who love the industrial style, very trendy in recent years. Made of high quality metal, the rusty finish suggests that this barbecue has survived the centuries and generations for a rustic and authentic look ! This fireplace is ideal for outdoor meals and parties, it provides a warm and friendly atmosphere, offers a light point and a heat source. Inside, a grid accommodates pieces of wood or coal while ensuring good ventilation. To start the fire and maintain the embers, you may be able to use a fireplace bellows.

Even more, you won’t have to go back to the kitchen to prepare the meal, missing out on all the good stories and the associated giggles… This fireplace has a hanging grill table on which to make tasty grills while the potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil cook in the embers. For the desert, what could be better than grilling a few marshmallows on skewers? Note that with its generous cooking surface, you can cook for ten people !

Dimensions: 61 × 134 × 61 cm.

We like

  • Elegant industrial design
  • Large cooking surface

We don’t like

  • The sheet metal is particularly thin and the finishes are random: in rustic mode…

Hanging barbecue

How to choose the right hanging barbecue?

Finally, the hanging barbecue is a fairly simple model in its design. However, it should still meet a few criteria to allow you to make an informed choice:

Type of hanging barbecue

You want a fixed barbecue to be installed in the garden and which will not move, a model which you can move on the terrace and put away for the winter or even a portable suspended barbecue that will be invited on weekends and holidays? The answer to this question is crucial before moving on to the other points to check.

Dimensions of the suspended barbecue

First of all, there is the concept ofspace. From one hanging barbecue to another, the diameter can change completely and depending on where you want to install your barbecue and a fortiori if you want to transport it, you will have to take the measurements into consideration. Indeed, if some are satisfied with about sixty centimeters in diameter, others will cheerfully exceed the meter!

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The second point relating to the measurements is crucial since it concerns the cooking surface, ie the diameter of the grill. Logically, the grid is generally proportional to the size of the hearth. However, some models are sold without a grid, so you will have to purchase it additionally. Other hanging barbecues do not include a hearth, designed to be installed freely above a free wood fire, a stone hearth or a brazier. To help you choose the right size of grid according to the number of people tobe treated, here are some averages:

  • A grid of about 40 cm in diameter is suitable for 4 people
  • Prefer a model between 45 and 55 cm to feed up to 8 people
  • With 60 cm or more you can cook enough food for 10 people

Note that the type of meat being prepared greatly influences the cooking space. Sausages will take up much less space than rib steaks which themselves will be more compact than beef ribs or pork rolls with their random shape and their bones.

The design quality of the suspended barbecue

As with any barbecue, we do not trifle with quality. We are talking about a device subject to high temperatures and climatic hazards, a potentially dangerous source if it were to collapse during operation! We are looking for strong materials such asstainless steel,galvanized steel or cast iron. Apart from the type of metal, it is also its thickness that matters, if it is too thin it will quickly deform with temperature variations, becoming more fragile with each use.

Accessories for hanging barbecues

We will find here some elements that can totally change the situation regarding the use of your hanging barbecue! The basis of this barbecue is a hearth, a bracket or tripod, a chain and its grid, ok until then nothing changes… Now add a shelf to put the dishes or do the preparations, some hooks to hang the utensils of kitchen, here you gain functionality around the fireplace.

But that’s not all, you could increase your cooking possibilities tenfold with a pot to hang over the fire, a Dutch oven, a frying pan or even a plancha which can also be used for cooking on the embers! Thus the hanging barbecue, which was only considered for Sunday grilling, can become a strategic center for cooking absolutely anything you want. Fans of barbecue cooking will love it! Not to mention theoriginality and the authentic charm of making your preparations in this way, like in a tribe at the end of the world.

Of course, you could buy all of this independently and adapt it as you go, but when you consider that some barbecues are sold directly with all the cookware and therefore 100% compatible with the stem, it’s all the same better ! Especially as be careful, the weight of cast iron pots is substantial and all basic hanging barbecues may not support it, it is also a story of the chain and its attachment point.

barbecue suspenduHanging Barbecue

Why Buy A Hanging Barbecue?

The suspended barbecue changes from the ordinary and reveals an aesthetic very different from classic barbecues. Above all, it has the advantage of offering very good cooking management with the possibility of raising the grill in relation to the flames. Indeed, most fireplaces only offer one or two cooking heights, sometimes with a slightly larger spacing on the vertical barbecue.

Here, you can in a single gesture, completely raise the grid. To rekindle the fire, control its heat, adapt the cooking method or simply to keep the ingredients warm, above the heat source but far enough away to stop cooking. You do not risk burning yourself since the grill is suspended from a chain on the side and even to turn the meats and skewers you will have your hands much closer to the fire.

What is the price of a hanging barbecue?

Among our selection, you will find a cheap hanging barbecue at less than 50 $ and a top-of-the-range hanging barbecue at nearly 500 $, while the average price of the best hanging barbecues is between 150 and 250 $.

Where to buy a hanging barbecue?

You can find a suspended barbecue in brands such as Darty, Leroy Merlin or Conforama. However, this type of barbecue is not the most common, you are not sure to see it for sure and completely forget the choice and the diversity of models.

Since we have already compiled an eclectic list of the best hanging barbecue models for you, we recommend that you go directly to one of the sites such as Amazon, Cdiscount or ManoMano to make your purchase and receive your hanging barbecue directly. at home.

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