Tea Box: The 10 Best Models In 2022

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Tea popular drink, consumed for its relaxing power, but also for its incredible health benefits. If you are one of the lovers of this drink, a tea box should certainly interest you. It is an article that allows you to effectively preserve your tea or herbal tea bags from anything that can cancel their aromas. In this comparative guide, we have reviewed a number of models selected on the basis of criteria such as manufacturing quality. The goal is to guide you to the best choice if you are planning such a purchase.

What is a Tea Canister?

A tea caddy is an accessory designed to store all your tea infusions in an orderly fashion. Hermetically sealed, it protects them from external threats such as light, odors, oxygen, humidity and temperature changes.

Apace Living- The tea box with modular compartments

Apace Living Boîte à thé

This is one of the most beautiful tea boxes available on the market. Handmade, it has been meticulously worked, in every detail, from the polished and rounded edges, to the lid made of acrylic. Other elements like the opening grooves, the vivid velvet lining and the invisible golden hinges have also been well worked out, resulting in a luxurious tea cabinet.

The manufacturer has bet on refined natural wood finishes, on the one hand the luxurious rosewood and on the other the striking stained walnut. The box features 8 adjustable compartments, accommodating more than 120 standard or full size tea bags.

It can also be used as a storage item for jewelry or trinkets. Whether you place it on your counter or desk, this tea caddy looks great. It is definitely worth its price according to several reviews!

We love

  • Its refined design
  • Its modular compartments
  • Its two high-end finishes.

We like less

  • The only downside is that a small closure could have been integrated for those who store vertically.

Wenco – The ideal choice for practical storage

Wenco Premium Boîte à thé

The Wenco Premium tea box has won over Internet users. On Amazon, for example, there are several positive reviews. It is composed of six compartments spacious enough to classify your tea bags. The integrated lid is airtight, which indicates that the conditions are met for optimal storage.

It can also be used to store loose tea, coffee pods, and pods. To open and close it, use the hinges and the hook closure system that the manufacturer had the good idea to integrate. Its maintenance is done with a brush or a damp cloth. The large plastic glass window gives an overview of the contents and allows you to quickly select the tea you want to taste.

We love

  • Its premium quality
  • Its 6 compartments that can hold various items
  • Its easy opening thanks to its hinges and hook clasp.

We like less

  • According to a comment, the lid did not take long to disintegrate.

Amazy – The decorative tea box

Amazy Boîte à Thé Bois de Bambou

With its eight compartments, this tea box is one of the most popular models on the web. It is made of premium bamboo wood and comes with a transparent lid. In this way, you monitor at a glance what is there.

This storage box also has a very practical magnetic closure system. The proof, it opens and closes without any difficulty.

You also have the option of individually arranging the compartments to put your tea bags or sugar in them thanks to removable partitions. You can even use the drawer to store other accessories. This is also one of the particularities of the Amazy tea box. Here we find the imprint of the Amazy brand which is toassociate quality with a reasonable price.

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We like

  • Its 8 adjustable partitions to offer 12 flexible compartments
  • The presence of the practical drawer
  • Its sturdiness.

We like less

  • Some users criticize the fact that it comes apart just after a few uses.

Perfekto24 – The storage box with aromatic lid

Perfekto24 Boîte à thé

This tea box with aromatic lid, from the Perfekto24 brand, is a place where your tea leaves will not be afraid of sunlight or humidity. A quantity of 250 g of loose tea can be stored here. Offering a design adorned with exclusive patterns, this metal product maintains the freshness of your infusions over a long period of time. 

By purchasing it, you have an attractive box, the lid of which closes tightly. The flavors and aromas of your tea are therefore removed from any threat. Regarding its dimensions, it measures 15.7 cm in height and 10.8 cm in diameter.

We love

  • Its aromatic lid
  • Its attractive price
  • Its solidity.

We like less

  • Nothing to report.

ToCi – The retro-style tea box

ToCi Boîte à thé en bois rectangulaire

Designed to simplify the storage of your tea in bags or in bulk, this attractive wooden tea box has not left a good number of internet users indifferent. It stands out with its retro style and even adapts to spices and coffee pods. On this model, we discover 6 to 9 compartments to safely store and sort your objects.

It is a superb printed box with a shabby chic look. It has a quality glass lid and a window with beautiful decorative inscriptions on the front. Let’s finish with its ability to preserve its content from the sun’s rays, thus keeping the aromas of your infusions and teas intact.

We love

  • Its superior quality finishes
  • The choice of bamboo wood
  • Its vintage look.

We like less

  • According to a user, the compartments are too small. As a result, some tea bags do not fit very well in it.

Eigenart – Quality tea canisters with a Japanese design

Lot de 2 Boites à thé Kyoto

With a diameter of 75 mm and a height of 110 mm, the “Kyoto” tea canister by Eigenart is a reliable model for storing your different varieties of teas and herbs in infuse. With a Japanese design adorned with pretty patterns, it has a coating that protects its contents from any danger. 

The lid is easily screwed on, allowing the box to be opened without forcing it and without getting your tea all over the place. If you are looking for a functional and super practical tea box , you can choose this model. Those who have already tested it have not been disappointed.

We love

  • Its well thought-out closing system
  • The quality of the boxes
  • Its Japanese design.

We like less

  • According to some comments on Amazon, these boxes are too small to put a quantity of 100 gr of tea.
  • They are not suitable for large tea leaves. 

mDesign – The tea caddy with a versatile design

mDesign boîte à thé en Bois

Your tea bags and other utensils will be well organized in this mDesign wooden tea caddy. It provides 12 removable compartments to house several tea bags. The choice of bamboo brings a friendly touch without forgetting that this box integrates well with all types of cuisine. 

Its modest dimensions save you space, whether you place it on a counter or in a kitchen cupboard. The lid is characterized by a transparent porthole, thus giving the possibility of seeing the tea bags which are inside the box without opening it.

We love

  • Its practical format which allows it to be easily stored anywhere
  • Its bamboo design
  • Its multiple compartments.

We like less

  • The absence of small magnets to ensure that the lid is kept closed if the box is stored other than flat according to a user opinion
  • The average solidity of the lid. 

Jujoybd – The vintage model with an elegant and chic look

Jujoybd Boîte à thé en bois

Any tea lover will be delighted to have this rustic white tea box, with its chic look. Carefully crafted from premium wood, it features nine compartments with removable dividers. So you have enough space to store, classify and present your tea bags during your tasting ritual. On the lid, there is a beautiful pattern that gives this tea holder a most elegant look. 

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One of its advantages is that it is not only used for storing tea bags, loose tea or sugar bags. You can also bet on it to store sewing accessories, jewelry, beads or small office items. Clearly, this tea box is a great gift idea if you’re looking for something to gift a tea drinker.

We like

  • It is suitable for storing tea bags, loose tea, but also small office items and other objects
  • Its large storage capacity with its 8 compartments
  • Its ease of use. 

We like less

  • Nothing to report.

Dosenritter tea box – Elegance and versatility at the rendezvous

Dosenritter Boîte de conservation

For an original gift idea, this set of six boxes is a good investment to sort and organize your tea bags or infusions. Displayed in your kitchen, these storage boxes are sure to add a warm touch. Thanks to their square base, they can easily be stored on your spice racks. The material used here is food steel. 

The matte gold lid has a long closing surface that maintains the aromas of your tea durably and perfectly. Your food is skilfully protected from anything that can alter its quality, namely air, humidity, steam, sun.

In terms of capacity, these tea boxes can accommodate approximately 420 g of spice powder, 240 g of tea bags and 320 g of powder or coffee beans. Clean them with a damp cloth before drying them.

We like

  • The fact that they adapt to several foods
  • They are easy to store
  • Their elegant design.

We like less

  • Not dishwasher safe. 

Rimoco – The stackable tea box with a timeless design

Rimoco Boîte à thé

Let’s close this selection with this Rimoco tea box, a superb storage product. With a height of 13.9 cm, it can house approximately 100 to 150 g of tea. The box is equipped with an additional inner lid. Which is appropriate to best keep your tea bags fresh and fragrant for as long as possible. This product puts them well away from light, moisture.

Curved inside to be stackable, Rimoco tea canisters are very practical. The wooden buttons, which can be seen on the hermetic lid, simplify their opening and closing.

We like

  • The fact that you can stack them
  • Its double waterproof lid
  • The good value for money.

We like less

  • Some users criticize the fact that the boxes do not come decorated. You have to stick the stickers yourself.

The Tea Box, The Essential Accessory For Tea Tasting Fans

The special feature of the tea box is that it can keep the organoleptic quality of your tea intact, whatever its type. All the aromatic properties and benefits of your favorite drink are maintained. Whenever you want to enjoy your tea, all you have to do is open your tea box and remove your bag. Transportable, you can enjoy your infusions everywhere.

One of the advantages of this article is that it can be a decorative element. Because of its aesthetic appearance, it easily embellishes the room in which it is installed.

And let’s not forget that opting for a tea box also means an ecological gesture insofar as it constitutes a sustainable investment. And by choosing to store your teas in bulk, you significantly reduce the use of packaging.

How To Choose Your Tea Box?

If you are not sure how to go about selecting the best tea box, rely on these selection criteria.

The material of manufacture

When making your choice, remember that the material is a very important factor. For this product, we highlight materials such as bamboo wood,acrylic,stainless steel and metal. Bamboo wood is a reliable and solid material. Good insulator against cold and heat, it is a good preservative. We can say the same with stainless steel and metal. They are resistant to shocks and stop humidity.

If the first models were designed in wood, we find today that feature an alloy of materials. We also have ceramic or porcelain models, made in the Orient. Although they keep the contents cool when it’s hot outside, they are slightly fragile and less resistant to friction.

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Will you be storing multiple tea bags or a modest amount? Whole dried leaves or crushed leaves? It is according to the answer to this question that you will choose a larger or smaller tea box. Several boxes have compartments to allow you to store as many tea bags per variety or per flavor.

The style

While some people prefer to settle for a simple tea box with a basic design, others choose boxes decorated in an elegant way. Accessories that can adorn your home without cluttering up your kitchen or cupboards. They come in all shapes (square, cylinder or rectangle) and all materials to suit everyone’s taste.


This is a criterion that should never be neglected, especially if you are looking for a versatile accessory, capable of being transformed into another essential product such as a jar for spices, for sugar or for herbs. Some brands have understood this and offer customizable tea boxes, capable of containing different kinds of objects.

Tea, A Beverage Whose Virtues Will Surprise You

Tea has been consumed for thousands of years in the four corners of the world, particularly in China and India. And for good reason, it contains an impressive amount of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. An exceptional composition that allows it to play a key role in health.

Drinking tea would help minimize the risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, regulate cholesterol levels and diabetes in the blood. And when we talk about teas, we especially remember that there are different kinds. 

Avantages du thé


tea Black tea is a mixture of completely dried and roasted leaves. It has a slightly bitter taste and is associated with benefits and soothing 

Green tea

It is prepared with fresh, undried tea leaves. It is a very popular drink in Japan and China and is particularly appreciated for its slimming properties

White tea

For white tea, only the young leaves and buds are selected for its preparation. These components are dried and then baked.


tea Red tea, also called Rooibos, is mainly prepared with leaves harvested from a shrub from South Africa. It’s a decaffeinated drink that helps slow the signs of aging and is a great ally for weight loss.

It is clear that tea is a drink that has a positive impact on our health. It is good for the skin and the body. What convince you to become an amateur.

Why Store Tea?

Tea is a sensitive and delicate product. It must therefore be stored in a suitable place so that it is not exposed to anything that can alter its aroma. Indeed, several elements can disturb the flavor of your tea or infusion bags. An example is the temperature, when kept in a space that is neither too cold nor too hot.

There is also light and smells. Indeed, tea should be kept away from spices, chocolate or coffee. Keeping your tea bags in an accessory like a tea box is a great way to ensure their quality. It eliminates all these risk factors

How Long Can A Tea Caddy Store Your Tea Leaves?

She can keep them for several months. Beyond this period, it is no longer certain that the aromas are maintained. Moreover, it is advisable not to place your tea canisters next to sources of heat. This can significantly harm the content.

Where To Buy A Tea Canister?

You can go to Amazon where a huge selection of models awaits you! This type of accessory is also marketed in garage sales or supermarkets.

How To Refill A Tea Canister?

When it comes to refilling your tea box with another variety, first remove the fragrance from the previous tea leaves. To do this, boil water. Once it’s lukewarm, add baking soda and apple cider vinegar. Then pour the mixture into the container, i.e. the box before rinsing. That’s it, your storage accessory is now clean and can receive a new refill.

To conclude

The tea box is definitely an accessory to have in your home if you are counted among tea lovers. It offers several advantages such as being able to store and classify your tea leaves to be able to find them more easily. Its aesthetic appeal is added to its qualities to make it a beautiful decorative object. A winning purchase all the way!

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